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Italian women have a unique strength, you know, because theyve had to fight so much in their lives. Channelling that strength for her role as Lucia in SPECTRE came easy for Bellucci, who understands all too well what its like to 'come from a world where men Badewanne Porn Videos XXX Movies all the power.

'Its no coincidence that shes Italian, she shrugs, 'because in our country women still have to learn how to be free. You can have all the money and independence in the world, but if youve been in that cage for years, youre still afraid to set foot outside.

The passion and emotion Bellucci Pornos mit gummifotze Deutsch Sex Video to every subject is heightened when we discuss the position of women in modern society. 'One thing Ive learned over the years is that fragility and femininity should be respected, she explains. 'But the structure of society today doesnt allow for either, so women feel their rhythm has to be a Pornos mit gummifotze Deutsch Sex Video rhythm; that in order to be equal to men, we have to become like them.

Only were not men. Rather than thinking, This is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me, when they get pregnant, women now feel guilty. Because they want to be a great mum and have a great career.

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